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Sample This
A Little Ditty That Became an Anthem of Hip-Hop
‘Sample This’ Traces ‘Apache,’ by the Incredible Bongo Band

“Sample This” tells contemporary rap fans where their music comes from and how seemingly unrelated people and apparently random events set the stage for greatness. It is powerful, tantalizing, informative and above all, emotionally riveting.

If not for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, it might never have happened, but the gunshots that rang out in the Ambassador Hotel kitchen in June of 1968 started a music revolution. Sample This chronicles the story of the unexpectedly brilliant musical collaboration that led to the birth of the Incredible Bongo Band's famous “Apache,” an album widely revered as the national anthem of hip hop and one of the most influential recordings in history.
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In 1968, King moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, a career he successfully maneuvered as he appeared in a variety of films and TV shows including the James Bond thriller Thunderball and the Abe Vigoda series Fish.
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