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A Cultural milestone was achieved when Bahamian born, international celebrated percussionist, King Errisson, visited Nassau on his return from his three weeks stay in beautiful and quaint, Acklins Island, Bahamas.
Sitting with the assembly of the Best Drummers in the Bahamas, all of whom have travelled the World promoting the Culture of the Bahamas,t he King paid particular respect to John 'Chippie' Chipman for pointing his early introduction to drumming.
The conversation included the examples which Berkley 'Peanuts' Taylor set at the Drum Beat Night Club and at his many Shows on the international scene; Reuben 'Rup a Pum' Deleveaux, the emerging heir to the Drum Legacy, expressed his good fortune,t o be in the same environment as his favorite mentors and idols.. he never felt that such a face to face gathering could have taken place.
Between the ole time talks, fish stories and exchange of trade happenings, King Errison called for the international invasion by Bahamian Culturalists; he felt that there was so much the Bahamas have to offer the world. The King offered to assist wherever he could.
It was amazing,that these Bahamian Drum Masters, had never met together.. it was for them, a very historic and valued occasion. It was certainly a pleasure for me, to have had the opportunity to bring them to a central place.
Thanks King,the Acklins grouper boiled down,well!
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